Day 8

I am excited to think that I have done this blog for a week now and I have been very committed to my decision to really stick to simply and filling foods and to track what I eat using the Weightwatchers Points Plus program. As I mentiond when I started this blog, I was calorie counting through January and to be honest not seeing very much happen on the scale at all. So it will be interesting to weigh today and see what happens.  I will put the results at the end of my post in my Daily Stats.

Towards the end of the week I usually start thinking about a menu plan for next week, particularly family dinner on Sunday. I like to get all my shopping for the week done on a Saturday. One of my main thoughts has been the dessert issue. Sunday is a nice opportunity to fix dessert for the family. While in my storage room earlier in the week I noticed the box with my Mini Dessert dishes in and realised that was the answer! Each dessert dish comes with its own little mini spoon (the grandchildren will love this!). So yesterday afternoon I popped out of the store and picked up a recipe book:

Mini Desserts Book

Now I can make a nice dessert and the servings will be small.  My set of dishes comes with 12 small dishes.  I figure if anymore wants more then they can just eat two!!

I will probably start sharing my menu plan for the week on a Saturday.  My hubby and I usually eat out on a Saturday, but other than that I fix a meal for the remaining days of the week.

This morning I tried a new hot cereal.  I was in the cereal section buying some Chex cereal that I am going to make a Valentine’s Snack Mix with.  Then I spotted these hot cereals, they are organic with a very simple list of ingredients.  They are made by Sally’s Cereals.  I knew what everything was!  I bought Cinnamon Plum, Maple & Brown Sugar and Pomegrante.

The ingredients are: Organic whole grain rolled oats, organic sugar, organic flaxseed, organic whole grain barley, organic quinoa, organic whole grain rye, organic whole grain wheat, evaporated sea salt, natural flavor, organic guar gum.

To quote their website:

Start your day with a happy, hearty bowl of hot breakfast goodness! We start with the finest quality 100% organic, whole grain oats blended with organic whole grains and seeds, like flax, barley and quinoa, for a wonderful hot breakfast. You’ll love the thick, hearty multigrain texture and natural, robust flavours.

We use only the highest quality ingredients. There’s no saturated fat or high fructose corn syrup

  • USDA Organic
  • 32 grams of whole grains per serving
  • Organic whole grains: Oats, Barley, Quinoa, Rye, Wheat
  • Organic whole flaxseeds
  • Free of cholesterol
  • Source of fibre

Today I had the Cinnamon Plum (4 Points+)

Cinnamon Plum

The serving size is not particularly large, but it was very tasty nonetheless.  I had it with a banana and I really enjoyed it.  I had 1/2 cup Fat Free milk and put a little of it on the cereal. (5 Points+).

Finished off the last of the Taco Egg Muffins for lunch.  I have really enjoyed them this week and will definitely be making them again. (6 Points+ in total)

I also had a small individual bag of the Brookside chocolates that Costco sell.  They do them in small individual 20g bags.  They are 2 Points+ per bag.  They are just enough for those times when something sweet calls your name!!!!  Today I had the Goji with Raspberry.

Brookside Goji

For dinner this evening we are having Curried Beef.  ……………

I usually start this off in the morning.  I usually like to plan out my eats for the day, but as they say the best laid plans …..

After work the hubby and I went to Costco and then we stopped for something to eat on the way home.  So the Curried Beef will have to wait until another day.

We went to Cafe Verde, I generally describe it as a Mexican Subway.  It is all very fresh and very yummy.  I had a salad.  The salads are served in a Large Fresh Flour Tortilla, filled with Rice and Black Beans, Carne Asada steak, Romaine Lettuce, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, topped with a  Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette Dressing.  I don’t normally eat the tortilla, but I did today.   Worked out all the nutritional info and remembered why I don’t eat the tortilla.  I counted the points as if it was a 12″ tortilla, although I think they are a little smaller than that!!!!!!  Anyway it came to 27 Points+.  Thank goodness for those 49 Weekly Points Allowance you get on weightwatchers for days such as this.


26 Points Plus

14 Weekly Points Allowance ( 30 WPA remaining) – I don’t feel quite so bad now.  A new week starts tomorrow and I only used 19 of the WPA for the week and I earned 23 Activity Points.

Very excited to weigh in and drop 3.6 pounds.  I was absolutely amazed.  I put on about 6 pounds during the December festive season.  I started the new year planning on getting rid of that in the first couple of weeks and it didn’t happen!  Hence the reason I decided to get back to the Points Plus program and try and concentrate on simply and filling food.  From this point on though I know the weight loss will slow down.  I have found that I normally only lose about 1 pound a week.  Anything more than that is a bonus!!!!  But today is extremely motivating.


Steps – 5,587

Stairs – 12

Miles – 2.53

Active Score – 605

5000 Steps10 Floors


2 responses to this post.

  1. Love that mini desserts idea. I watch my own waistline but I am too passionate about puddings to cut them out entirely. I’d be interested in how you find the recipes 🙂


    • Thanks for the response. There is plenty of choice in the mini desserts cookbook, from simple parfaits, cheesecakes, Mousse etc. It will be fun to try a new one every week.


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