I find the only way for me to keep on track for the day is to have a plan ready, so this is my plan for today.  I sat this morning and calculated out my movie popcorn and frozen yogurt from last night and it came to 24 Points+.  I have always had a hard time with those 49 Weekly Points Allowance.  I try not to use them, although Weightwatchers make a point of saying don’t be scared of them!!  I know my own body though and if I was to eat those extra 49 Points+ every week I know I would not lose weight.  When I was younger yes, but not now.  I noticed particularly when I turned 50 that my metabolism seemed to change.  Now when I follow the plan I will usually see a loss of 0.l5 pounds per week.  A great week is a pound or more!!!  So it is a long slow process for me to get back to my Lifetime Weight again!!  My advice therefore is you are struggling with your weight, do it while you are young!!!!

When I reached my Lifetime membership for Weightwatchers about 15 years ago it was much easier than this time.  When we moved from England to Canada, I don’t even know why I allowed it to happen but I put on a lot of weight and January 1, 2012 decided enough was enough and decided to do something about it.  Fitness was my first goal which I worked on for several months and slowly introduced healthier eating into the mix.  I try to think more about what I am eating and the choices I am making instead of the weight aspect of it!  By doing that I really have found that I make better choices.

BREAKFAST – Strawberry Protein Smoothie (5 Points Plus)

LUNCH – Quesadilla (9 Points+)

DINNER – Hashbrown Quiche (5 Points+), Green Salad(0 Points+), 1 Tbsp Light Dressing (1 Points+)

EXTRAS – 6 Points+

TOTAL – 26 Points+


Strawberry Protein Smoothie (5 Points Plus)

I always enjoy a Smoothie for breakfast.  I like to add some Protein powder, I find protein is the key to a breakfast that keeps me going until lunchtime.  Into the blender I put 5 ice cubes, handful frozen strawberries (0 Points+), 1/2 cup Fat Free Milk (1 Points+), Scoop Protein Powder (2 Points+), probiotic Strawberry Yoghurt (2 Points+).  Push the button and all done.  I had to let it sit for a while, it looked more like Strawberry Ice Cream!


Quesadilla (9 Points+)


I used one 2 Points+ Flatbread (I always use the Flatout brand that I get when we go down to the States shopping).   Top one half with the 1 cup of roasted vegetables which was set aside whilst making the Roasted Vegetable Calzone yesterday.  All these extra portions work out so great for lunches!  Remove chicken meat from one of the chicken thighs that I set aside from last night’s Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore.  Sprinkle with 1/4 cup Shredded Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese, fold over to form Quesadilla.  Heat through in non stick skillet sprayed with cooking spray.  Turn over and cook on other side.  Nice simple but filling lunch using leftovers!


Hashbrown Quiche (5 Points+)

Green Salad (0 Points+)

1 Tbsp Light Dressing (1 Points+)

Marbled Swirl Cupcake (4 Points+)

1/2 cup Vanilla Ice Cream (4 Points+)

Sunday is family dinner day.  I fixed a Pasta Bake for the family and then made the Hashbrown Quiche.  A portion of this I ate at dinner, a portion I have set aside for lunch on Tuesday and my daughter-in-law took home the other portion for lunch for herself during the week.

For dessert I made some of the Babycakes Cupcakes.  These are not as large as a regular cupcake but not as small as using a mini muffin tin.

babycakesMarbled Swirl Cupcakes

It makes 8 cupcakes in 6 mins.  It is the fabulous little gadget.  The grandkids love cupcakes.  This week I tried Marbled Swirl Cupcakes.  They were very good.  I took some to church this morning to share with the little ones in Nursery where I work.  Then the rest of them will go to work tomorrow, that way there are no more temptations left in the house!!!!!


Snack – 6 Points +

So it looks like I ended out using some of those Weekly Points again today – I really don’t like doing that  ….

26 Points Plus

8 Weekly Points Allowance (14 WPA remaining)

Must make sure not to have more than 26 Points Plus for the remainder of the week.


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