Tuesday – Too much Spinach LOL!!

I had to smile this morning.  Last night I made the Chicken & Pasta Bake and I commented yesterday that my hubby might detect the spinach!  He got home late last night and ate his dinner after I had gone to bed.  When I woke up this morning there was a little note on the kitchen counter …

“Too much spinach LOL”

So here is my 26 Points Plus Plan for today …

Breakfast – Mini Muffins (3 Points+), Fresh Fruit (0 Points+), Greek Yoghurt (1 Points Plus), Prune Juice (2 Points+)
Lunch – Hash Brown Quiche (5 Points+), Soup (2 Points+), Fresh Fruit (0 Points+)
Dinner – Quick Stovetop Beef Chili (6 Point+), Green Salad (0 Points+), Tbsp Salad Dressing (1 Points+)
Extras – 6 Points+

Mini Muffins (3 Points+)
Blueberries (0 Points+)
Greek Yoghurt (1 Points+)
Prune Juice (2 Points+)

Breakfast 12th

Yesterday I realised that in the freezer I had some mini muffins that I could have for breakfast this morning.  A little while ago I made a batch of Pineapple Inside Out Mini Muffins, they are just 1 Points Plus per muffin.  The Greek Yogurt gave me the protein that I like to have a breakfast time.

Hash Brown Quiche (5 Points+)
Soup (2 Points+)
Banana (0 Points+)

Lunch 12th

Lunch today was supposed to have some of the leftover soup from Saturday – the Spinach & Artichoke soup that I did not like.  So I had a look in the cupboard for a soup.  I try not to eat too much processed food but sometimes you have to!  Anyway I had a can of Campbells Country Kettle Hearty Minestrone with Penne.  It only works out at 2 Points Plus for half the can, which is good.  I do like the fact that the veggies are chunky looking, it has nice large pieces of Penne pasta and kidney beans.  That together with a piece of the Hash Brown Quiche I made on Sunday and a Banana, was a nice hearty lunch.

Quick Stovetop Beef Chili (6 Point+)
1 Tbsp Low Fat Cheddar Cheese (1 Points+)

Quick Chili 3

Zumba class at 7pm this evening, so that usually means I come in from work and get everything ready and then when I get back from Zumba, it is just a matter of heated it up.  So when I got home I got the Chili ready, then when I got in from Zumba I just heated it through.  My hubby had his with some nice thick slices of whole wheat bread.  I passed on  the bread and instead put some cheese on top of my bowl.  I had intended to make a salad too, but didn’t eat till almost 9pm and was just too tired to fix it.

Banana (0 Points+)
Brookside Mini Chocolate Raspberries (2 Points+)

This hour change on the clocks has really thrown me.  I have been so-oo tired both yesterday and today.  I was shattered after my 60 minute Zumba class!!


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