Simply Filling Technique

Last summer I followed the Simply Filling technique from Weightwatchers and really enjoyed it.  When I began this blog it was my intention to do it again.  However, on the weightwatchers online recipe builder I became quite confused with the whole thing.  When a food item which is simply filling becomes an ingredient it is then given the normal point value!!!

I have thought about this a lot over the last month or so and looked at how other people do it.  Most people say they only put the non simply filling (power foods) into the recipe builder to work out the points value.

So basically with the Simply Filling Technique you can eat anything from the Power Foods list without counting points.  If you eat anything not on the list then you use your 49 Weekly Points Allowance for this.  The main principle of the Simply Filling technique is to learn to eat until you are just satisfied.

Simply Filling is eating only power foods until you feel satisfied.  If you eat something NOT on the power foods list, you just track it and it comes out of your weekly points allowance.

On the Weightwatchers website here is the list of Power Foods ..

FRUIT – Included: All fresh, frozen or canned fruits without added sugar (unsweetened) — whether or not it has PointsPlus values per serving.  Not included: Dried fruit, fruit juices

VEGETABLESIncluded: Most fresh, frozen, or canned without added sugar or oil — whether or not it has PointsPlus values per serving; potatoes — white, red, sweet  Not included: Juices, vegetables prepared with ingredients that are not Weight Watchers Power Foods (for example, corn in butter sauce, dried tomatoes packed in oil); avocados; French fries; olives; plantains; sweet pickles

WHOLE GRAINS – Barley, Bulgur, Cereal, hot,  Cornmeal, Couscous, whole-wheat, Hominy, cooked or canned, whole, Kasha (buckwheat groats), Macaroni, Millet, Pasta, whole-wheat, Popcorn, Quinoa, Rice, brown, cooked, wild, cooked, Spaghetti, Urad dal (split matpe beans without skin), Wheat berries, cooked

NON FAT DAIRY AND DAIRY SUBSTITUTESCappuccino made with fat-free milk / Cheese – fat free Cottage Cheese, fat-free hard or semi soft cheese, fat-free Soy Cheese, Fat Free Ricotta / Fat-free Sour Cream / Creamer / Latte made with fat-free milk / Milk – fat free , Soy Milk, calcium-fortified, unflavored, / Yogurt, fat-free plain or light, artificially sweetened.

LEAN PROTEINS – Included Beans, refried, fat-free, canned / Beef / Beef, ground / Bison, lean, all visible fat trimmed, cooked / Buffalo, water, trimmed, cooked or raw / Caviar (fish roe), any type / Chicken breast / Chicken drumstick / giblets, cooked / gizzard, cooked / Cornish hen, cooked, without skin / Egg / Elk, cooked or raw / Fish / Ham / Lamb / Lobster, steamed / Luncheon meat / Ostrich, cooked / Peas, black-eyed (cowpeas), cooked / Pork / Sashimi / Seitan / Shark, cooked / Shellfish / Tofu / Tripe, beef, cooked / Tuna, grilled, frozen / Turkey / Veal / Vegetarian burger, frozen, fat free / Venison, cooked.  Not included: Canned fish or shellfish packed in oil; meats or fish with breading or added fat; Processed meats, such as hot dogs

EXTRASBouillon (any type except court), Bread, reduced-calorie, any type, Broth, any type, Chicory (curly endive), Gelatin, sugar-free, Kim chee, Muffin, English, light, Mushrooms, Pickle, unsweetened, Pico de gallo, Poi, Roll, hamburger or hotdog, Sauerkraut, Soup, sweetbreads, cooked, Tempeh (fermented soybean cake), Water chestnuts, Watercress

Danica of Danica’s Daily did a really good explanation of Simply Filling on her website.

The main thing she talks about is making it a lifestyle change.  So she has tweaked it slightly.  I did the same thing when I followed it last year.

You can’t buy Fat Free Cheddar here, so I buy the reduced fat cheese and still count it as Simply Filling and just go easy on my portion size!

So starting tomorrow I am going to go Simply Filling again, I can explain things as we go along ……!!!!!!!


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