Well yesterday was somewhat of a wipeout for me, I started the day off well with the individual Blueberry Oatmeal cups which I love.

Then The Nutman came into the store with his trolley of goodies and there at the front was a bag of Licorice Allsorts just calling my name!  They became my lunch.

I could tell my body had an overload of sugar because it left me feeling really lethargic, normally I come in from work and can’t wait to get going on some yummy creation for dinner,  But not yesterday.  So instead my hubby prepared dinner, which involves jumping in the car and getting it from somewhere.  So I had a burrito and fries from Taco Bell.   I know really bad choice. But today I am back under control …..

So here is the plan for today ……

Breakfast – Breakfast –Quinoa Egg Muffin, Fresh Fruit – 5 Points+

Lunch – Roja Vieja Tacos, Corn Tortillas, Veggies– 6 Points+

Dinner – Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Green Salad, Light Dressing –  10 Points+

Extras – 5 Points+

Breakfast – 5 Points Plus

Quinoa Egg Muffins

So for breakfast this morning I finished off the Quinoa Egg muffins, had them again with a small dollop of Salsa and some blueberries and grapes on the side.

Lunch – 7 Points Plus

For lunch today I took a couple of corn tortillas to work with me, plus a container of the leftover Roja Vieja.   I made a couple of tacos with them.  Heat the meat in microwave and filled the corn tortillas to my tacos.  I really enjoyed them.  They were kind of messy to pick up and eat, but good.  I also had a small about 1/3 cup container of 0% Greek Yoghurt topped with about a teaspoon of low sugar jam.  It is only 10 calories per tsp so no points plus here.  It is just enough to give a little flavour and sweetness to the yoghurt.  I prefer it to the flavoured yoghurts that you can buy.  Small serving of blueberries to go with this too.

Dinner – 8 Points Plus

Had a piece of leftover chicken in the fridge all ready to put together a Barbecue Chicken Pizza.  The plan was to have a green salad with it, but that didn’t happen.  I had quite a few things that I wanted to get done before my Zumba class tonight, so didn’t spend too much time on dinner at all.


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