April 3 – National Walking Day

I love that today is National Walking Day – I think walking is a great walk to keep fit and healthy.

I love this slogan –

Walk more. Eat better. Live a longer, healthier life.

There is a great website called Start Walking Now with lots of ideas on how to get walking, also on You Tube Leslie Sansome has some really good Walk at Home videos.

The weather where we live can change at the drop of a hat!  Yesterday was 21 degrees – off to work in short sleeve top and capris.  Today the temperature was only 5 degrees – what is with that???????

Breakfast – 100% Simply Filling + 1WPA

Baked Berry Breakfast Quinoa

It was a bit of hectic morning, so pretty easy to open the fridge and pull out another serving of the Baked Berry Breakfast Quinoa together with a glass of Fat Free Milk.  Yummy!

Lunch – Simply Filling + 6WPA

cafe rio salad

As I mentioned the morning was hectic – my on fault really.  There I was getting ready at a snail’s pace, when I suddenly remembered that I needed to open the store today.  No time to grab any lunch.  I did however throw my slow cooker in a bag and the ingredients for tonight’s dinner, so I was able to start dinner off at work!!!!

Just across the road from the store is Café Verde, they are what I like to all a Mexican Subway.  I had a salad – they lay a whole wheat tortilla in a bowel (I didn’t eat the tortilla), lay on brown rice, black beans, salsa, the meat I chose was steak.  Topped with lettuce, tomatoes and pico de gallo.  So far everything is Simply Filling.  So basically the only thing that I needed to count was the Cilantro Ranch Dressing.  It was a pretty generous serving, so I am going to count 6 WPA for it, but it was oh so worth it!!!!!!!  Delicious!  The picture above is a Café Rio picture, the salads at Cafe Verde don’t have the tortilla strips on top.

Dinner – Simply Filling + 1WPA

Oops just went to import my picture and I didn’t have the SD card in properly, so it didn’t save the picture!!!!

As I mentioned I took my crock pot into work and started it off there.  I made Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin and Apples.  Served this up with some Mashed Sweet Potatoes and some steam veggies.

The mashed sweet potatoes were a little disappointing.  I always forget that I really prefer the flavor of baked sweet potatoes, I think the natural sweetness comes through better.  Need to remember to bake and then mash!!

I used 8 WPA today, I lost track of them at the weekend, but I am pretty sure that I have not used the whole 49 yet.  With the long weekend and being away I was not very diligent about recording things.  Saturday is the start of the new WW week for me, so I will keep better track of those 49 WPA.


2 responses to this post.

  1. The quinoa breakfast bake looks divine! I’m just starting Simply Filling, and I’m walking to try to lose weight. Love all of the inspiration on your site!


    • It was pretty yummy. Although I think my favourite is Individual Blueberry Rolled Oat Cups (Simply Filling + 1WPA)(5 Points Plus). I can’t even remember where I got the recipe now. I think walking is a great form of exercise. I wear a FitBit which helps me to try and walk that little extra every day.


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