Let’s Get Ready for Summer – 21 Day Plan – Day 3

It was nice to wake up this morning and realise I was back to regular food after that two day clean out!!!!!

So for breakfast this morning I had 1 oz Fibre One Cereal ( 2 PP ) and 4oz Fat Free Milk ( 1 PP ) plus 4 oz Grapes ( 0 PP ).  Most cereals are not very WW Simply Filling friendly, the Fibre One cereal is a Simply Filling cereal, so breakfast this morning is 100% Simply Filling


Day 3 Lunch
I took some strawberries to work to have as a mid morning snack, but got busy and didn’t eat them.  So I had them alongside my sandwich at lunchtime.

For lunch I made an Egg & Salad Sandwich (Use 2 slices of light bread (3 PP ) , small amount of low fat spread, hard boiled egg ( 2 PP ) mixed with a little low fat mayo, lettuce and tomato.  That together with my strawberries ( 0 PP ) made a 100% Simply Filling lunch.

Late afternoon I had a Low Calorie Cup-A-Soup (2 PP ) and  1 Ryvita Crisp bread ( 1 PP ).  Both of these fall under the I am not sure if they are really 100% Simply Filling but they are close enough!!!!  Simply Filling states – Reduced-calorie (light) breads (whole grains are the best choice).  The crisp bread is reduced calorie and whole grain, I think it counts as Simply Filling?!!!  The as far as soup is concerned Simply Filling states – Broth, onion, and some broth- and tomato-based vegetable soups – my choice is a low calorie cup a soup so again I think it counts as Simply Filling?!!  Since following Simply Filling I find that I really have to try to make it a style of eating that I can continue on a long term basis.  By following the Simply Filling technique I want it to change the food choices that I make.


Thai Chicken 5
For dinner this evening I made Thai Chicken & Noodle Stir Fry ( 10 PP ) and for dessert an Oikos 0% Greek Yoghurt (2 PP ).  As far is Simply Filling goes, the only part of this that needs to be counted are the noodles which came to 4 Points Plus.

This evening I have been babysitting my three grandchildren 18 months, 4 and 7.   They are all now in bed, so I am going to publish this and get my Yoga and walking done.  Looks like it might be the treadmill, or maybe I will go for a quick walk outside.  It is a lovely evening, even if it is slightly breezy!!  Actually I think I will publish this after I have done my walk, that way I can put my FitBit steps …. see you in a bit ……

20 mins walk, make 10 mins in the middle brisk. Try to cover one mile.

So I just got back.  I walked for 22 minutes covering 1.37 miles, so I reached my walking goal for today.  Now I am going to do a short Yoga workout and I am done.

Great day I am pretty pleased with myself!!!!  Simply Filling + 4 Weekly Points Allowance

Fit Stats – 7,622 Steps – 26 Stairs

5000 Steps25 Stairs


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