Let’s Get Ready for Summer – 21 Day Plan – Day 4

The thing that I really like about the Weightwatchers Simply Filling technique is that it stops from eating for the sake of it.  When I have a 26 Points Plus allowance every day, I strive to eat the whole 26 points.  This often leads me to choosing those 100 calorie snack things, no nutrition in them whatsoever and usually very sweet.  I don’t find this helps with changing my style of eating.  On the Simply Filling plan sometimes I find that I eat less than the 26 Daily Points Plus.  For this blog I usually still put the Points Plus value of what I eat, just for those who are following me.

For example yesterday totaled 23 Points,  I was completely happy with what I ate, but I know if I was following the tracking program, I would have eaten another 3 PP to reach my daily total, which is what you are encouraged to do.  On the Simply Filling all I had to record were the noodles in the Thai Chicken that I made, and these came from my Weekly Points Plus Allowance.  Saturday is the start of a new week for me.  So I am back to having 49 Weekly Points Allowance to use.


Day 4 Breakfast
For breakfast this morning I had an apple ( 0 PP ) that I chopped up into a bowl, topped with 2 large Tbsp Oikos 0% Greek Yoghurt ( 2 PP ) and sprinkled with 15g Fibre One Cereal ( 1 PP ).  The cereal gave a nice little crunch to every bite, although the apple was a nice crisp one and was pretty crunchy too.  This all was a 100% Simply Filling breakfast!

Mid Morning
1 Ryvita crispbread ( 1 PP ) with a little low fat spread and marmite.  100% Simply Filling


Day 4 Lunch
The actual meal plan stated Pita Bread but I changed this up to 2 slices of Light Bread ( 3 PP ), served this up with 4oz Low Fat Cottage Cheese ( 2 PP ), green salad and a little low calorie dressing.  I put the salad between the bread and made a salad sandwich!  Being British I enjoy a good old sandwich.  A sandwich here in Canada is usually a bun.  When we lived in England I loved the sandwich selection at Marks & Spencers!!!  Lunch was 100% Simply Filling.

Mid Afternoon
Banana ( 0 PP )


Day 4 Dinner
For dinner this evening I made up some Tuna & Sweetcorn Jacket Potatoes (10 PP ) or 100% Simply Filling.  I had it with a nice green salad and a little low calorie salad dressing.  That picture does not look very appetizing at all.  It was tasty though.

The plan for exercise today was a 25 minute walk and some kind of workout.   I managed to get a walk in, it was REALLY windy here today and so I went on the treadmill.  I had a pretty active day around the house, got plenty of spring cleaning done.

Fit Bit:  10,286 Steps – 38 Stairs (I think that is the most flights of stairs I have done in one day!!)

10000 steps25 Stairs


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