Oh dear!!!!!

Well the reminder to myself to track at the weekend didn’t work!!!!!


Breakfast: 166
Protein Shake

Lunch: 516
Protein Bar
1 cup Strawberries, Fresh, Sliced
1/2 cup Source Yogurt
Skinny Cow Chocolate clusters

Dinner: 497
Bread, Pita, White
1 Tbsp Salad Dressing, Ranch
3oz Beef, Top Loin, Strip Steak
1 Tomatoes, Fresh, Med

Snacks: 100
Greek yogurt

Total Calories: 1279

FitBit: 6,082 Steps / 12 Stairs


I attended a Women’s Conference all day, morning started out with banana and a muffin. They were small home made muffins, so not too bad.

Lunch was taco salad.

Then when I got home my hubby and I went out for something to eat. I had 1/2 a cheese & pepper quesadilla with a green salad and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

FitBit: 2,670 Steps, 10 Stairs – spent all day sitting so no wonder so low!!!!!


I did track my calories, albeit some of them were pretty pure choices. Every Sunday evening my daughter and soon to be hubby play cards with us and unfortunately the snacks come out. I did count my snacks!!!! I think I am going to buy myself something lighter for next week.

Breakfast: 142
1/2 cup Milk, Nonfat/Skim,
1/3 cup Oat Bran Natural Cereal

Lunch: 150
Cinnamon Roll

Dinner: 847
Salmon pie
Rice, Basmati, Long Grain (Dry)
Sweet Kale Salad
Dressing, Poppyseed
Cinnamon Roll

Snacks: 558
Fig Bar
Popcorn, Chicago Mix

Total: 1,697 Calories

FitBit: 2,666 Steps / 15 Stairs


My husband reminded me after work that it was Cinco de Mayo so off we went to Café Verde!!

Breakfast: 166
Protein Shake

Lunch: 390
Greek yogurt
Protein Bar

Dinner: 830
Cafe Verde Enchilada Style BUrrito

Snacks: 80
2 cups CheeCha Puffs, sea salt & spiced pepper
Total: 1,466 Calories

FitBit: 5,437 Steps / 3 Stairs

I guess when I actually look at the past few days, they aren’t really that bad. I am not going to expect anything fantastic as far as weight loss goes this Friday! Although I now have two Zumba classes ahead of me this week to help burn off some of those extra calories I had!!!!


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