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Turning over a new leaf

I can’t even remember when I started this blog, I was mainly using it as a tracker.  I started to follow the Simply Filling method of eating and had much better success with this than counting points.  The only thing I did find was that all the low fat product did not really satisfy my appetite.  Then I just seemed to plateau after a lot of reading I decided that I would concentrate more on the sugar and carbohydrate content of food.  I radically reduced my sugar intake and started using full fat products and I felt more satisfied and basically healthier.  At the beginning of this year though some changes in family circumstances led me to go back to old habits and turn to food for comfort.  On Friday as I got ready for work I pulled something out of my closet that I had worn in December last year and it was a little tight!!!  So I realized that I had to go back to making some healthier choices.  That little inner battle went on as one part of me said “why not wait until after Christmas”, but I went out and got some “low carb” food choices.

So here is what I have had today :

Breakfast: 331 calories/ 0.8 Carbs
2 eggs, scrambled with butter and 1 oz. cheddar cheese

Snack:  60 Calories / 0 Carb
1 string cheese

Lunch: 232 Calories / 3.9 Carbs
Chicken Salad – This came from Linda’s Low Carb.  I made up 1/2 the recipe, there is still some left for tomorrow.

Snack: 110 Calories / 1 Carb
1/2 Atkins Bar

Dinner: 290 Calories / 6 Carbs
6oz Fish, 2 servings of Summer Blend Vegetables, 3 tsp butter

Snack: 180 Calories / 21.7 Carbs
3 Candy Cane Cups


NUTRIENTS:  60% Fat / 28% Protein / 12% Carbs

Well, I am a bit disappointed I ate those Candy Cane Cups.  I spent most of the day out of the house, so I managed pretty good.  I even took the grandchildren to Tim Horton’s for donuts and I didn’t get one!  But later in the evening a dish of candy kept calling my name.  My absolute upper limit is always 40 Carbs, so I was still under it, but they could have been healthier carbs i.e. more vegetables!!!!

Now I need to get my head around increasing my activity levels too.  I need to get my Fitbit charged up and set myself some fitness goals.

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